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kernel concepts GmbH
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Open Source Entwicklung, Integration und Consulting


  • Development support for Maemo
  • Port of GPE applications to Maemo/Hildon
  • Open Source Consulting
  • Evaluation of microcontroller platforms and development tools
  • Check the Nokia reference here
Basler Vision Technologies
  • In collaboration with several other partners Embedded Linux system- and application development for Basler Vision IP-Camera (BIP)
  • Linux driver development for a framegrabber board
  • Maintainance and development of a Linux based industry product
France Telecom
Hoeft & Wessel AG
  • Linux port to skeye.Integral, skeye.pad XSL, skeye.pos, skeye.allegro
  • Android port to skeye.allegro device class
  • Adaption of low level tools (JTAG)
  • Application development (GUI and non-GUI)
  • Customized Linux distribution and consulting with/for OpenEmbedded
Becker Antriebe Logo
  • Linux & Bootloader porting and BSP
  • Development of system level software and middleware
  • Application development (GTK+ and Web) in the scope of product development
Maagtechnic Logo
  • Linux adaption and BSP
  • Android to a Freescale platform
  • Customer specific Android BSP
BDT Logo
  • Linux and bootloader development
  • Customer specific BSP as a base for product development
  • Work on Linux port to the "Pallas" MIPS reference design
  • Work on Linux port to the "Topas" MIPS reference design
  • Development of a bootloader for the "Topas" reference design
  • Embedded Linux consulting and customer support for TMPA9xx
  • Creation and operation of TX09 Linux Website
  • Development and production of microcontroller eveluation platforms
  • Part of Linux port to a consumer product
  • Port of a bootloader to a consumer product
  • Embedded Linux consulting
PDS Programm + Datenservice GmbH
  • Development of a customized LCD terminal
Siemens AG
  • Embedded Linux consulting
STN Atlas Elektronic
  • Linux driver development
SAM Electronics
  • Development of a Linux-based Bluetooth communication system
Leopold Kostal GmbH & Co. KG
  • Development of a customized microcontroller based device using CAN bus for communication
  • Extension of a microcontroller based solution with an ethernet interface
Jentro Technologies GmbH
  • Development and maintainance of an embedded Linux distribution for POS devices (Jentro-Linux)
  • Development of web-based configuration tools
  • Development of microcontroller based interface system
  • Implementation of a Linux Multi-Drop-Bus system
  • Development of a Linux kernel driver for fast pulse counting based on an ARM CPU
  • Microcontroller solution with CAN bus interface
MITP Verlag GmbH
  • Lectorship for Open Source and Linux related texts
  • Translation of a book about CVS
  • Embedded Linux consulting
  • Linux driver development