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The company kernel concepts was founded in the year 1999 by Michael Engel and Nils Faerber. The idea to found a company targeting to the upcoming market of Linux-based solutions developed in the context of the "Linux-Park" at the Systems fair in Munich.

Michael Engel left the company at the end of 2000. At this time Petra Kirchner became shareholder of kernel concepts.

The increasing currency of Open Source operating systems led to a lack of service for it. The software was free, but exactly this fact caused the problem that many users and companies were not able to find contact persons to get support or to place orders for specific software solutions.

The is the main objective of kernel concepts. We offer customer specific software solutions based on Open Source software. We do consulting for companies using Open Source software, adapt existing and develop new free software. Because of our long term experience with Open Source software development on Linux platforms and Unix-like operating systems in general we take advance of our wide spread know-how which is a great benefit for our customers.